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About Gaikwad Classes

With a legacy of 23 years, Gaikwad Coaching has pioneered the crucial XIth and XIIth exams along with competitive exam preparation, helping them achieve their goals of cracking medical and engineering entrance exams. With our expert faculty and unmatched study material, we have been producing top rankers in AIIMS/NEET, JEE, and MHT-CET, 11th and 12th exams every year. From foundation to advanced courses, at Gaikwads, we provide learning modules meticulously crafted for every student’s learning needs. Believing in building a healthy environment, we provide Counseling sessions and Concept Development Sessions. It will be our pleasure to have an opportunity to join hands with you in enhancing the academic career of your child. We are happy to assist your children to achieve great academic success.


With a focus on conceptual and application-based learning, we are striving toward debunking old rote-learning methods and nurturing you with personalized attention in a competitive atmosphere. We believe in laying the strong groundwork for entrance examinations such as AIIMS/NEET, JEE, and MHT-CET, and therefore we lay the foundation from std.XI onwards.


At Gaikwad’s it is more than indulgence in just academic syllabi, we make sure to create a learning atmosphere for students to grasp and learn with ease. We believe in student-teacher coordination for the best result.

What Makes The Gaikwad Classes The Best

Most effective study Material

Gaikwad’s Study Material is meticulously prepared with our experts’ latest upgraded edition every year. Each chapter is broken down into small convenient units. This study material covers all the conceptual points, and at the same time avoids chunks of useless repetitive material. Precise study material which saves students time and helps them to grasp the subject matter quickly.


Gaikwad Classes has the best team of highly experienced faculty. The faculty members possess outstanding academic credentials, in-depth valuable subject knowledge, and true dedication to teaching.


Gaikwad Classes conducts periodic test series for each course. Performance in these tests helps students overcome their weaknesses. The test series also increase students’ confidence level, speed, accuracy, and scoring ability.

Online Mock Test

The course schedule for the whole year is planned well in advance and given to the students. The entire portion is covered properly in the given time frame, so there is no need of putting extra load on the students at the final preparation time. Last 3 to 4 months are devoted for exhaustive revision tests and it helps our students to achieved better results.


We have a unique teaching process, which focuses on making a student knowledgeable, think conceptually, write accurately and become confident. So, our teaching method is well-defined and suitable for students.


Gaikwad Classes are held for as long as students devote their time. This also includes the Concept Development Sessions (CDS) which considerably reduce the time required for students to work meticulously towards his/her aim.

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