Gaikwad Classes

Facilities At Gaikwad Classes

Computer Lab

Well equipped Computer lab for the students for daily practice, which help them not only in practical examination but also in theoretical examination.

Well equipped lab

Daily practice sessions

Personal attention to individual students

Regular Concept Checking Programme


A well stocked library is maintained in our institute to provide the students a large database for study. Many rare and precious books and also question banks that may not be immediately available to the students are provided by our library.

Our library is equipped with a specious and comfortable sitting arrangement, providing every atmosphere for concentrated study with good ventilation and light.

Our library is associated with a vast collection of books which increases the concept of the students upto the required depth.

Feedback Progress Report

Various activities Through the Students Care Department for improvement in marks.

Office related Counselling on study-related problems of students.

Scientific study of Students problems and assignment based on them.

Separate or combined counselling of parents and students depending upon their needs.

Straight dialogue with students

Helping Students for time management in studies.

Counselling for making self-study effective.

Various type of studies for encouraging study such as motivation, planning , etc

Students Care Department

Computerised marksheet of each unit, weekly, monthly, revision and preliminary test will be given to students. Marksheet includes subjectwise and cumulative marks with remarks on students performance. Every month cumulative test results with their rank will be mailed and SMS sent to parents to acquaint them with the progress of their wards. for regularity and punctuality of wards, daily absence followup is taken, to get feedback about wards, parents can meet the course director.

Computerised progress report every month

SMS of marks

Android Support

Parent meeting

Daily SMS of attendance

Test Methodology

Our examination schedule is displayed on the notice board one month in advance from the date of examination so that every student gets time for self study and can discuss the exam related problems with our expert faculty members. To know the potential of the student, we conduct test schedule series for each course. This test series will help the student to improve the performance. We also conduct the surprise test for students.

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